Ginger the Superfood: More Than Just a Sushi Condiment




Ginger, the spicy yellow root that is most commonly known for its presence in Asian cuisines, such as spicy curries or accompanying sushi. Most of us probably don't know that ginger isn't just added for flavor, but it has some exceptional health properties as well.

So why is ginger is special you may ask?


Digestive Support


Because ginger can act as a stimulant to digestion, it is exceptional at providing relief to many common digestive issues, including indigestion, acid reflux and bloating. Ginger can stimulate the digestive process to help your body move food that is just sitting in your stomach causing bloating and heartburn. 




What do you mean by detox? No, ginger is not some magical herb that will help you "lose 5 pounds" or cure some disease. However, it can help enhance your body's natural processes that clear toxins from the body. And by that we mean, ginger's stimulant effects help your cells clear out toxins and push them out through your sweat and 'ahem', bathroom habits.




Ginger has stimulating effects on the body, similar to caffeine. However unlike caffeine, it does not cause the adrenaline pumping, dopamine hit of coffee. By speeding up your body's natural process of digestion and detoxification, you can actually feel more energized, all without the negative side effects of caffeine.


So there you have it! Ginger isn't just a sushi condiment, but actually an incredible herb that can have many great benefits to our health. Try our Daily Detox and get some ginger in your everyday life!

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