What's in Your Tea Bag?

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Just like anything else that we put in or on our bodies, the quality of our tea is just as important as the water we drink and the food we eat. Unfortunately, not every box of tea is created equal.

Though you can buy a box of evening chamomile tea from the grocery store for $8, there's a reason it only costs that much. The farming practices, possible chemicals use and quality of the packaging are all important factors for which we need to be aware.


The Dirty Secret of Many Tea Brands


Most teas found in the grocery store are not organic and non-GMO, meaning they are sprayed with pesticides, herbicides or grown in chemical fertilizers. Being a product that is soaked in hot water, it makes it even more likely that these chemicals are leeching into your favorite hot beverages.

Also, many brands use traditional tea bags which are either a paper-base held together by chemical adhesives, or they are made of a plastic mesh. Either way, you end of with adhesives or microplastics leeching into your tea when you mix it with boiling water.



The Steep Into It Difference..


All of our teas at Steep Into It, need to meet the following criteria to meet our high-quality standards:


  • All of our ingredients are organic, non-GMO and are grown in natural, regenerative farming practices. Meaning, that there are no chemicals used at anytime, and through natural farming, there are higher amounts of nutrients in the final blend.
  • We only use tea bags that are made from an organic, plant-based PLA. This looks like plastic but is actually a mesh made usually from corn or sugarcane!


Next time you buy your favorite blend, make sure you know where it came from!


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