How Mushrooms Can Help You Sleep

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One of the greatest benefits to mushrooms that I've experienced in my own life is their ability to help with relaxation and sleep. And the best part about this benefit is that unlike prescription drugs, alcohol or even natural hormones such as melatonin, there are no negative side effects to consuming mushroom extracts to help with sleep.

The best mushrooms for sleep are reishi and chaga, though many mushrooms can provide benefits due to their function as adaptogens. And the reason that these mushrooms can help us sleep is a special blend of nutrients that help to normalize the body's natural processes, such as the regulation of some well-known hormones like melatonin, cortisol and GABA.

One of the top reasons that people cannot sleep at night is that they have too much cortisol and not enough melatonin when it comes time for bed. Working long hours, not getting enough exercise and poor diet can leave us feeling "wired" or "jacked up", but by consuming mushrooms before bed, cortisol levels are naturally reduced helping us feel relaxed.

And at the same, many of us don't have enough melatonin release at bedtime because we don't get enough natural sunlight and spend too much time starting at screens. Mushrooms can help our bodies release melatonin naturally and adapt our natural bodily functions, making us feel sleepy. And this comes without the negative side effects of intense dreams and morning drowsiness that comes with taking melatonin supplements.


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So if you're having trouble with sleep and think a nightly dose of reishi and chaga mushroom extract might be of some benefit. check out our Rest & Recharge mushroom supplement. Mix with hot water, oat milk and a dash of honey. 

Sweet dreams!


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