How To Get More Daytime Energy Without Caffiene

Oh, caffeine. Such a wonderful and sometimes terrible friend. At its best, it makes us feel upbeat, energetic and productive. However, at its worst, it can make us anxious, stressed and unable to sleep.

With this uneven relationship, sometimes we need to take a break from our friend caffeine and turn to other sources of energy. Being so sensitive to caffeine, I can get anxious and definitely unable to sleep if I have coffee or tea too late. For me, any time I need a pick me up in the afternoon or evening, I need to turn to other sources of energy. My favorite sources are cordyceps mushroom and ginger herbal tea.




cordyceps militaris mushroom


The cordyceps militaris mushroom has incredible properties as an adaptogen to help give us energy. It increase mitochondrial function, which basically means that it makes our cells use energy more efficiently so we don't feel tired or sluggish. It can also increase cardiovascular function, helping the heart to pump blood more efficiently.

Check out Steep Into It's Energize & Boost cordyceps mushroom extract as a great solution to get more natural, daytime energy without caffeine. Mix it with hot water, smoothies or herbal tea to boost metabolism, cell energy utilization and boost cardiovascular function.




Ginger root


Ginger is a spicy root that is commonly used in many Asian cuisines. It is also often dried and added to many herbal tea blends. When consumed as part of an herbal tea, it has many benefits including relieving digestive upset, promoting detoxification and also generally acting like a mild stimulant, without the negative side effects such as anxiety and sleep disruption. Compounds in ginger stimulate digestion and circulation which make us feel less sluggish and have more energy.

Check out the Daily Detox lemongrass and ginger herbal tea blend, which can provide a warming, stimulating boost without the caffeine in most coffee or teas.


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