New To Mushroom Extracts? So What Do They Taste Like?



New to the Mushroom World


So you're just starting to learn more about functional mushrooms such as a reishi, chaga and lion's mane, and how they can have exceptional benefits to your health including more energy, better sleep and immune support. However, the idea of putting mushroom extracts in your coffee or mixing them with hot water before bed might seem strange to you. 

Here's the thing, I get it.

Personally, I don't like the taste of truffles or any other truffle-flavored food. I think they're too earthy, pungent and don't understand the appeal.

But here's the thing, all mushrooms have different flavors, especially functional mushrooms. And most mushroom extracts have a fairly mild flavor or even a bitter flavor similar to coffee.

Similar to coffee? That should sound great! Also, the health benefits should easily outweigh the barrier to entry. 


So What Do Mushroom Extracts Taste like?


Let's break it down by type of mushroom extract and the specific blends you can get from Steep Into It:


Rest & Recharge reishi and chaga mushroom extract blend - A blend of reishi and chaga mushroom extracts. Slightly bitter like black coffee with a dark brown color. Great for relaxation, sleep and immune support. Recommend it with hot water or milk of choice in the evening
Be Well, Everyday 5-mushroom extract blend - A blend of reishi, chaga, maitake, shiitake and turkey tail extracts. Slightly bitter with a subtle sweetness, like black coffee with a bit of sugar with a light brown color. Great for all things health, such as more energy, better sleep, digestive support and immune support. Recommend it with morning coffee or hot water in the evening.
Energize & Boost cordyceps extract -  Pure cordyceps militaris extract. An earthy, umami flavor with a bright orange color. Great for helping the body better use energy by increasing blood flow and oxygen uptake, making it a great exercise enhancer. Try it with morning coffee or smoothie, or with a preworkout shake
Sharp & Focused lion's mane extract - Pure lion's mane extract. Fairly neutral flavor with a slight earthy taste and white color. Excellent for cognitive support and enhancing focus, while providing immune support as well. Try it with morning coffee, tea or smoothie
So as you can see, most of our mushroom extracts either have a neutral/mild flavor or a bitter flavor similar to coffee. No strong, pungent smells or flavors, and no spongy texture that many people find unappealing.
All you do is mix, sip and enjoy the exceptional benefits of functional mushrooms including more energy, restful sleep and better health!


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