New to Mushroom Products? How to Best Prepare Your Nighttime Mushroom Beverage

rest and recharge


One of the most common questions we get from new customers is about how to best consume mushroom extracts. Luckily, the best part about consuming mushroom extracts is that it doesn't matter how you consuming them, but only that you consume them regularly.

However, we do have our favorite preparation methods that make them taste the best. So here's our favorite method for preparing an evening shroom beverage to help us relax and wind down for a restful night's sleep.


What's needed:

- Rest & Recharge or Be Well, Everyday mushroom extracts

- Hot water

- Milk of choice. We like Malk Organics Oat Milk

- Raw honey

- Optional: electric whisk

- And a comfy couch!



- Add 1/2 tsp of mushroom extract to your mug

- Add about 8-12 oz of hot water. Temperature does not matter for mushrooms unlike certain types of tea or herbs.

- Mix well with a spoon or electric whisk

- Add a splash of your milk of choice

- Add a little bit of raw honey if you have a sweet tooth. Some people find the taste of mushrooms extracts to be bitter like black coffee.


Then just sit back, relax and enjoy! It's normal to start to feel naturally relaxed and sleepy after finishing off your mug of shrooms. You may also find you fall asleep quicker, don't wake up as much during the night and wake up feeling more refreshed.

Keep enhancing your everyday!

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