Cordyceps - Get More Energy



Part 3 of our "Shroom Series" is all about Cordyceps!

Scientific Name: Cordyceps Militaris

Nickname: "The Olympian Mushroom"


Fun Facts About Cordyceps:

- A parasitic fungus that grows on dead caterpillars in the wild

- It has inspired many zombie movies and video games throughout the years

- It has been called "Himalayan Viagra" due to its ability to enhance blood flow (ahem)


Cordyceps grows on the bodies of dead insects in the wild, which can make it extremely rare and hard to find. At some times, the price can skyrocket up to $20,000/kg! The variety Cordyceps Sinesis, commonly sold in many cordyceps supplements as mycelium, is the most highly prized in the wild because the fruiting bodies cannot be grown in farms or labs. At Steep Into It, we use the variety Cordyceps Militaris, due to the ability to grow the fruiting bodies in greenhouses.


All varieties of cordyceps are known primarily for the ability to boost energy in the body. They can support blood flow and circulation, enhance the body's ability to use energy and support any type of physical performance. This is done by helping blood vessels to dilate and move more blood through the body, and also increasing mitochondrial efficiency, which are the cells that produce ATP (energy).


For you science fiends out there, check out some research on Pubmed that discusses the traditional uses of Cordyceps. It has long been a part of medical history in ancient cultures.

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