So What's the Deal with Everyone Consuming Mushrooms These Days?

mushrooms for health


To start off, let’s be clear about what we mean by “consuming mushrooms”. We’re not talking about the psychedelic kind. We’re talking about edible, functional mushrooms. These are the types of mushrooms that are primarily consumed for health and wellness purposes. They have the ability to help

  • Support our immune systems
  • Regulate hormones
  • Help us sleep and increase energy.

Mushrooms are adaptogens because they help to bring our bodies back to a state of health and wellness, giving us whatever we need at the time we consume them. 


The History Behind Mushrooms For Health


Consuming functional mushrooms has been a practice for hundreds or thousands of years in certain cultures throughout Asia and Europe. China grows up to 85% of the world’s mushrooms and has been consuming mushrooms for health benefits for thousands of years, and they are known as the world’s experts on mushroom cultivation. European cultures in areas such as Poland, France and Scandinavia have deep traditions of mushroom foraging and consuming fungi for their health benefits. Siberia, in Eastern Russia, is known for the densest population of wild Chaga in the world.

Recently this practice has been brought to Western Society with the rising health crisis and need for alternative options for symptom relief. Health supplement companies and fungi-enthusiasts are introducing mushroom powders and extracts into the mainstream market in hopes of bringing a natural solution to health management. Conditions such as obesity, diabetes, cognitive decline and insomnia can all be aided by the consumption of functional mushrooms.


Take a Leap of Faith


It might seem strange to many people who may not like the taste of mushrooms to consume powdered mushroom extracts on a daily basis, however, it is not more strange than popping pills everyday to treat symptoms of certain health issues. However, consuming mushrooms is working in sync with nature and our bodies, instead of introducing manmade chemicals to treat our chronic health issues. 


Take a leap of faith and Steep Into It. Your body will thank you.

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