The Toxic Truth Behind Most Teas

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If you're anything like us and you're reading this post, you're probably a fan of tea. Whether black, green, herbal or functional, you turn to your favorite teas to give you energy, help you relax or simply bring you a slice of joy on a rainy day.
But did you know there are a lot of dark secrets in the tea business? How else could it be that 1 box of tea could cost $4.99 at your supermarket and another box of tea cost $29.99 from a premium online brand.
So What's The Toxic Truth in the Tea Biz...
Cheap Ingredients
If you've ever shopped at a supermarket and a local farmer's market, then you know there can be a vast difference in the quality of produce. An apple from the farmer's market tastes and nourishes you completely differently than an apple from the supermarket that has been frozen and sprayed with preservatives.
Well, the same goes for tea and herbs found in many of your favorite brands. The quality of chamomile in one tea can be completely different than the chamomile from a premium brand like Steep Into It. 
All of our functional herbs and teas are:
- 100% organic meaning no pesticides or herbicides have been used
- Come from small farms using regenerative practices which means healthier soil and higher nutrient content
- You can taste and feel that our products have more health benefits
Natural Flavors
One of the most popular functional herbal tea brands has more than just herbs in their ingredient list. You might notice extra ingredients such as "natural honey flavor", "stevia leaf extract" or "brown rice extract". These added "natural" flavors are used to cover up the fact that they use cheap ingredients that don't taste good!
High quality herbs and teas have strong and bold flavors that indicate high levels of nutrients. You should be able to have a fragrant and delicious tea from the herbs alone, without the need for any flavor enhancers.
Also, natural flavors just mean that the ingredient is composed of a natural product. "Natural Honey Flavor" might not even be made from honey at all! Natural flavors are completely unregulated so you don't really know what is going into the final product.
At Steep Into It, we only use 100% organic, premium herbs and teas in our products that taste so good you would never think to add anything else!

Low Quality Tea Bags


Luckily, this one isn't as common of a problem as the others anymore, but it is still worthwhile to mention. A lot of cheap tea brands will either use tea bags made from petroleum-based plastics such as polypropylene, or they will use petroleum-based adhesives to hold together a paper tea bag so it doesn't fall apart in boiling water.

Make sure that your tea bags are 100% plant-based and organic. Most commonly made from hemp, corn or sugarcane plant fibers. This is not usually listed on the package so you might have to reach out to customer support to find out.

At Steep Into It, we use a compostable mesh made from 100% organic sugarcane fibers called One Earth biodegradable tea bags that composts in 14-21 days.


Please reach out to us with any questions you might have!


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