Top 5 Health Benefits From Consuming Functional Mushrooms

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So maybe you've heard of people adding mushrooms to their coffee for more focus and energy, or how some consume reishi regularly and claim they never get sick. But either way, you want to know more. Why is it that these special fungi have such incredible benefits and what can they actually do for me?


Well let's answer your questions!


The Magic of Functional Mushrooms


Functional mushrooms, or mushrooms consumed for their functions in the human body, are the likes of reishi, chaga, lion's mane and turkey tail. These special fungi really have two primary benefits: they are adaptogens and immune modulators.


An adaptogen is substance that helps bring the body back to place of balance, such as balancing hormones or providing energy when the body is tired.
And then an immune modulator is a substance that balances and supports the immune system. So it could support the growth of white blood cells to fight an infection or suppress immune function in the case of an autoimmune reaction.


So What Are the Top 5 Health Benefits of Functional Mushrooms?
  •  More Energy - Mushrooms can increase blood flow and balance hormones to give us more energy


  • Stress Relief - Certain mushrooms can lower cortisol which will relieve stress and promote relaxation


  •  Better Sleep - Reishi is known to naturally increase melatonin and GABA which will support restful sleep


  •  Autoimmune Prevention - Turkey tail can lower an unnecessary immune response which can help autoimmune issues such as arthritis


  •  Cancer Treatment and Prevention* - In many countries outside the U.S., consuming mushrooms such as reishi and turkey tail is an approved cancer treatment. These mushrooms can increase NK cell growth, which helps to fight and prevent cancer.


So now that you know more about the powerful benefits of mushrooms, try adding them into your daily routine. Whether with your morning coffee, preworkout shake or evening nightcap, try steeping into wellness with our premium mushroom extracts!


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Please consult your physician before beginning any supplementation.

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