Why Tea Time is the Best Time

tea time


With the Memorial Day holiday weekend in full swing, it's a time for us as a society to sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of our labor. It's a time for BBQ's, beaches and time with friends and family (in a socially-distanced acceptable manner if your state is still under stay-at-home order). We can enjoy stress-free time with our loved ones for a full weekend. A rare moment in today's hectic lifestyle.

However, we don't need to wait until the few and far between holiday weekends to enjoy some stress-free time with our friends and family. It is possible to carve out time every day to close the computer, put the phone away and simply enjoy the moment.

This is why tea time is the best time.

It does not need to be anything fancy. Simply brew up a pot of your favorite tea, grab a friend or coworker and enjoy a 15-20 minute break in the mid-morning or afternoon to enjoy a cup of tea and have a stimulating conversation. Just make sure to leave your computer and phone in a separate room!

This special time can give us an opportunity to unwind, focus on our health and simply enjoy the moment.

So even after the holiday weekend is over, find your special moment in the everyday with a cup of tea and close friend.

Keep "Enhancing Your Everyday"!


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