Why We Started Steep Into It

Whether it's more energy, restful sleep or immune support, we started Steep Into It as a way to bring premium functional mushrooms and wellness teas to the masses. Better routines should be easy and effective, and we promise you'll feel the benefits or your money back...

Tired of the jittery energy crash from plain coffee? Try adding lion's mane or switch to green tea.

Need an afternoon pick me up or preworkout without caffeine or other stimulants? Add some cordyceps or caffeine-free ginger tea to your routine.

Looking for a natural remedy to help you relax and sleep at the end of a long day? Try reishi or a chamomile wellness blend.

- Kyle, Founder and CEO



I’ve been taking all sorts of medicinal mushrooms for year and have never found something with this quality and consistency. This is the best you can get.

Bret G.


This is one of thee most beautiful jasmine green teas I have ever tasted. I’ve been having it in the mornings and then switch over to the Detox Tea tea in the afternoon for an equally as lovely, but caffeine free tea. Also I love love the organic sourcing and environmentally conscious packaging!

Savannah B.



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