Mushroom Extracts - Tips for Best Use

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Welcome to the wonderful world of functional mushrooms! Your daily routines will never be the same as you start to incorporate lion's mane, cordyceps, reishi and other functional fungi into your coffee, tea smoothies and more. 

 You be asking yourself, "what's the best way to incorporate functional mushrooms into my daily routines?" or "what do they taste like?". Well to start off, here are a few tips for best use and practices:


How to use:

  • We recommend incorporating mushrooms into your routines you already practice everyday. Drink coffee? Add them to your coffee. Make a morning smoothie? Add them to your smoothie. Enjoy an evening nightcap after dinner? Try mushroom hot chocolate or mix them with your milk of choice.
  • Each pouch of our mushroom extracts provides guidelines for the best way to use them. However, it doesn't really matter how you consume them as long as you're having them everyday. So get creative! Add them to baked goods, soups or smoothies!


And then here are some best practices on how to add them your beverages:


  • All of the healthy, beneficial starches (beta-glucans) and nutrients in our premium extracts are 100% water soluble. The cooler the water, the more mixing has to be done to dissolve the mushroom extract. Therefore, the hotter the water the better the dissolvability. (Some customers find if their water is warm rather than hot an electric frother helps with mixing)
  • The high quality mushrooms we use are highly fibrous and that fiber is what sometimes settles at the bottom of your mug. Some people like to add a little extra water at the end of their cup when they see the settled mushroom fiber. 
  • Another thing we recommend is adding the mushroom extracts to your mug first, then adding your hot water, and mixing thoroughly with a spoon or electric frother. You can also stir occasionally while drinking to prevent the fiber from settling at the bottom. 


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